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Real food
for the real world.

All natural foods to fuel today's busy families.
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Not all energy is created equal.

Break free from heavily processed foods, artificial ingredients, and refined sugar and power your life as nature intended.

Refined Sugar

The pick-me-up that always lets you down.

Refined sugars are very quickly broken down by your body, causing blood sugar levels to rapidly increase. Insulin is then secreted and your body experiences a sudden drop in blood sugar. This leads to a corresponding decrease in energy and mood, not to mention an often irresistible craving to reach for yet another processed snack and do it all over again. It’s just like being on a rollercoaster—minus the fun.

No refined sugar

Artificial Preservatives

Prioritizing shelf-life over our own.

Artificial preservatives such as nitrates, benzoates, sulfites, sorbates, parabens, formaldehyde, BHT, BHA and many others can be a contributing factor in the cause of several health hazards and other diseases. 


Isn’t it time we tried something a little more…natural?

No preservatives

Processed Foods

Let's get real about fake food.

Fake or highly processed foods are those that have undergone a significant change in their natural state.


Some forms of processing will strip ingredients of their vitamins and nutrients, turning them into nutritional duds. Other forms involve adding unhealthy amounts of refined sugar, fats, and sodium to enhance flavour. 


Unfortunately, these added ingredients have been linked to the rise of obesity, and several other diseases. That's got to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

No processed foods

Fuel your body with Nature's goodness

and take back control of your family's health with
all-natural foods from Nola.


Quality Fuel

Feel energized all day with lasting energy from Mother Nature herself. Our complex carbs help regulate blood sugar, reducing morning crankiness, afternoon crashes, and late night cravings.


All Natural

Enjoy the health and peace of mind that come with 100% real food. We don’t believe in artificial ingredients.


Real food. Real energy. Really.



Make healthy eating simple again with foods that are convenient, quick and easy to prepare.



Discover some of nature's yummiest combinations. We use unique blends of fruits, nuts, and gluten-free grains to create our nutritious products.

From one mother
To another.

Like you, I found myself searching store shelves for high protein, zero sugar snacks for my family — that didn’t contain any ingredients I couldn’t pronounce! After being disappointed with what they had to offer, I set out to create my own recipes. Many trials later, Nola—which is what my youngest son has always called my gra’nola’—was born!


As an active family with 3 little ones, we fuel up on Nola's nutritious products in the mornings, in between activities, and on the run. No matter what your day has in store, we know you’ll enjoy our delicious, convenient and all-natural products as you embark with us on the path to natural goodness!

- Julie

Julie Image.jpg


Discover a colourful world of granola goodness!

Nola Baking Granola and fruit


Become a morning person with
our delicious new pancakes!


Get right back in the game with our
wholesome, energy-boosting bars!

Our customers keep it real too.

“Love this product. Made with real ingredients, great blend of flavours and they shipped fast!”


Happy Nola Customer

“It's a great snack to give to kids on a regular basis, guilt-free. My kids loved it!”


Happy Nola Customer

"I love all the natural, clean ingredients in this product."

HIGH Quality

Happy Nola Customer

Find out what all the fuss is about today.

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