While many believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it also happens to be my favourite! I’ve always had a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and I’m continuously on the search for quality all natural foods for my family and I to enjoy.


For years, I found myself looking for a high protein granola with zero sugar that did not contain any ingredients I couldn’t pronounce!  After being disappointed with what store shelves had to offer, I set out to create my own recipes. Many trials later, Nola (what my youngest son has always called my gra’nola') was born.


At Nola Baking Co., our mission is to offer high quality products made with 100% real food to promote a healthy and natural lifestyle. We bake our granola in small batches with all natural ingredients and no added sugar.  Our unique gluten-free blends of nuts, seeds and dried fruits come together in a crunchy, protein filled granola that will power your day as nature intended. 


As a runner and mother of 3 active little ones, I fuel up on Nola first thing in the morning, in between workouts, and when I'm on the run.  No matter what your day has in store, we hope you enjoy our crunchy granola nut clusters as you embark with us on the path to natural goodness!


Founder, Nola Baking Co.